Lucky #7

Day 3. (Yes, I realize that my last post has the word “luck” in it too, and so part of me is wondering if I should be buying a lottery ticket today.) In any case, it’s my daughter’s birthday today and she’s seven – 7 on 7/17. Sounds like a lucky day, doesn’t it? It is. And it almost wasn’t, but it ended up being a very lucky one. I won’t drag you through the details, but let’s just say that every July 17 we sort of sit back, take a long look at her and give thanks that she’s here. She had a messy start to life and I could list off all the reasons as to why that’s the case, but look, we’ve just met. Buy a girl a drink first.

So in the meantime, I’ll just say that today was an easy day to challenge myself with positivity for this Reboot Challenge. Sure, birthdays are good fun. I mean with all the treats and well wishes and balloons and general birthday excitement…what’s not to like? But I had some unexpected positivity sent my way which surprised me, all from a pic I posted on Instagram.

Here’s the back story. When we first took over the lease in the Alchemy Salon building, there were a couple of divider walls that we needed to take down in order to open the space up a bit for retail. When we took those walls apart, there were several old planks of wood that were salvageable and we kept them pushed away, stacked on the floor, in case we had a use for them in the future. Shelves? Benches? Who knows. I had been looking for an old farmhouse table to put in the store to use for workshops and events but never found just the right one that was in budget. After stepping over those planks for the 50th time, my dad (who is a master at this sort of thing) and I looked at each other and said – let’s build a table with them! We love how the table turned out and we love the history of those planks. Look, it’s a really cool table. A really HEAVY table, but a big ol’ table with old Alchemy wood that perfectly fit our space.

So, I posted that this table, which we’ve dubbed the Community Table, is for everybody. Use it for workshops, support groups, game nights, meet-ups…whatever! Just use it. Well, the feedback I’ve received from that one post has been awesome. Turns out people like the idea of being invited into other people’s “homes”. I like that and I can only hope people take me up on the offer. Just no dancing on that table. Please. It’s handmade…so I can’t be sure that it can withstand a reenactment of that bar scene in Coyote Ugly. (Oh come on, yes, you know that movie.).

Positivity. Keep it going.


Sarah Johnson-Markve