29 days of positivity

29 days of positivity. Wish me luck, people. I’m not necessarily a complainer, but I can certainly freeze when it comes to seeing the silver lining in things.

When Grounding Roots gave Good Crowd the opportunity to do a giveaway for their #29DayRebootChallenge, of course we said yes (stay tuned later this month for our super fun giveaway prizes…because who doesn’t love giveaways). But then Amanda, co-owner of Grounding Roots, encouraged me to participate in the challenge as well. I really wanted to say no. I mean… I just opened up my first gift shop. I don’t have time! I don’t want to think about something else while I’m still trying to figure out how to do returns without a receipt or remit my quarterly sales taxes.

I knew I would need to document my 29 day challenge with daily Instagram posts/stories showing what I was doing, and I knew that none of you needed to see me planking, doing push ups or chugging down raw eggs (so 80s) in Good Crowd, so instead I thought I’d try something that I would actually do. And actually post about.

So I chose positivity. For my mind + my body. Who doesn’t need more of that? Sure my definition is loose, but that’s part of the fun. I might try a new gym class or write in the journal I haven’t written in in 20 years. Or I’ll try to be more mindful in my parenting. Or maybe I’ll just read a trashy magazine cover to cover that makes me happy (I’m looking at you, US Weekly). We’ll see where this goes, but I figure at the very least it will be entertaining and at the most, it will be life enriching. Win/win.

If you want to tag along for the next 29 days, follow me here or do the challenge yourself. Nobody’s watching (well, except your 2k Instagram followers) or judging (I cannot be sure of this either, but forget them).